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TEL 01592 757500
TEL 01592 757500

Event Stewarding

R.S.S. Securities Ltd believe that is very important that stewards are trained properly. In-house training is given to all stewards, followed by on-site briefings at each event.
Our stewards are reputedly enthusiastic, polite and professional. As the public face of any event, these are the minimum required skills.

Retail Guards

R.S.S. Securities Ltd provides you more than celebrity bodyguard services. Our VIP protection security is based on advance planning, the use of highly trained professionals that is not easily flustered. We also take into account the style and specific needs of the person we’re protecting.

Executive and Celebrity Guarding

R.S.S. Securities Ltd is an experienced provider of quality retail guarding services. We recognise that loss prevention is of paramount concern to all businesses. We approach our duties with a uniformed meet and greet operatives,  anti-social behaviour monitoring with active interventions.

Hotels & Office Security

R.S.S. Securities Ltd experience has been gained through the management of security for a number of hotels over the years. The key is good communication skills, being smart and presentable and able to deal with any potential situation.

Development Security

At R.S.S. Securities Ltd, we draw on our extensive knowledge, exceptional customer service, and decades of construction industry experience to find the solution that’s right for you. With patrol teams, vehicle response units and security cameras always available.

Dockland and Maritime Security

At R.S.S. Securities Ltd staff work closely with local police and other agencies to provide regular patrols to combat theft and vandalism around the Docks and Maritime areas. R.S.S. Securities Ltd patrols 24 hours a day throughout the year.

CCTV Operators

R.S.S. Securities Ltd knows that the job involves much more than sitting in front of monitors all day Guarding premises with onsite CCTV cameras, to working for your local council observing banks of screens. The ability to observe and understand when trouble might occur is a skill that a CCTV operator at R.S.S. Securities must have.

Factory Security and Reception

R.S.S. Securities Ltd knows constant high volumes of visitors and workers passing through your doors and extensive stock and expensive equipment lying around, factories make for an extremely vulnerable environment when it comes to crime. We are able and well equipped to tackle all of the challenges your factory premise offers head on.

Building Site Security

At R.S.S. Securities Ltd we are committed to ensuring that your construction site is fully protected. As one of the UK’s leading security providers, we employ only qualified security guards to carry out a full construction site security plan to keep all of your assets safe. Offering the complete package from Guards to mobile patrols.

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