What are mobile security patrols?

R.S.S. Securities Ltd Mobile security officers can visit the premises as frequently as is required by the client. If you do not require a static security officer, but still want your site regularly checked by a qualified professional, then mobile security patrols could be the right option for you.
Clients needs can range from a number of times a day to several times a month, depending on the need and the type of premises involved.


Mobile security patrols are a cost-effective option to help keep your business, site or home safe and secure as well as flexible.

Our Clients who opt for mobile security patrols usually have smaller premises or buildings and offices that have their own CCTV and or alarms.

Our mobile security patrol also provides an effective out-of-hours support for a company with a static guard during office hours. Additionally, this service suits unoccupied premises, where having a static security guard would not be practical.

Mobile security units also support our other static Guards. They provide a fast and reliable back-up in cases of emergency or incident response. Mobile security officers also carry out a variety of other functions, including back-up for key holding services, alarm response and locking and unlocking of premises.

Why choose R.S.S. Securities Ltd?

R.S.S. Securities Ltd has extensive experience in providing mobile security patrols to a range of businesses and individuals. All of our mobile security officers are fully vetted and highly trained.

Clients premises are generally supported by high-tech equipment, including lone worker devices, vehicle tracking and electronic patrol clocking systems, which ensure that they can deliver a consistently high level of service.

Providing a consistently high service is very important to R.S.S. Securities Ltd. To this end, experienced mobile patrol inspectors are assigned responsibilities for random and unannounced static site inspections.

Such random visits are undertaken in order to ensure that security officers are in compliance with company rules and procedures and are carrying out their duties in accordance with the assignment instructions.